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Thank you for your interest in The Drama League Stage Directing Assistantships. Part of an umbrella of programs collectively known as "The Directors Project," these Assistantships are designed for early-career stage directors who wish to advance their careers, hone their artistry, and elevate their professional development. 

The Drama League recently altered and expanded its Directors Project programming, and each has its own application and area of focus.  We strongly encourage you to read about them in depth before beginning any of the six applications. by visiting the following pages:

  • The Drama League Directing Fellowships 
  • The Drama League FutureNow Directing Fellowships
  • The Drama League Film/Television Directing Fellowships
  • The Beatrice Terry Directing Residency*
  • The Next Stage Directing Residency
  • The Drama League Directing Assistantships (this application)

*The Beatrice Terry Directing Residency is intended to support female-identifying directors and/or directors who identify as transgender or non-binary.  More information can be found at the above links.


  • Applicants are NOT required to have a university degree.
  • Applicants must have directed at least three non-collegiate productions.
  • Applicants cannot be enrolled in any university undergraduate or graduate degree program during the program's period of support.
  • Please make sure that you are fully committed to participating in the program as your personal priority BEFORE applying.  Applicants must be available for all program components during the program period without exception. This means that applicants cannot participate in other career development programs, fellowships, residencies, or other opportunities during this time window.  Conflicts with the program components will result in the cancelation of those components, without being rescheduled, and a reduction in the program.
  • Please review the program schedule to ensure that program components do not conflict with your planned directing work.  Applicants may have directing commitments during the program period, which The Drama League supports.  Conflicts with the program component timeline, however, will result in the cancelation of those components and a reduction in the program, without being rescheduled.  


Please see our Eligibility F.A.Q. page for details to determine your eligibility for this program.  We understand, however that every individual comes to directing on their own individual path; to speak with Drama League staff about your specific experience and its appropriateness for this opportunity, please email artistic@dramaleague.org with your questions. 

If a candidate feels they fall outside the bounds of these guidelines and chooses to apply, it is hoped they will note this in the application and address the reasons they've applied in their answers to the narrative questions.

Thank you for participating! We look forward to learning more about you and your work!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.